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Although it is most widely known as a genre for the saxophone, musicians have recognized that Smooth Jazz should not be restricted solely to the saxophone and are adapting that great smooth sound for other instruments. Meeting the need for sheet music that is not limited to the saxophone, our products are available for the following instruments playing the lead part:

  • Alto Saxophone (E flat)
  • Soprano Saxophone (B flat)
  • Tenor Saxophone (B flat)
  • Clarinet (B flat)
  • Trumpet (B flat)
  • Piano (Concert C)
  • Guitar (Concert C)
  • String Instruments, such as Cello and Violin (Concert C)
  • Flute (Concert C)
Ordering is simple. Choose the song you are purchasing and then click on the "add to cart" button. A drop down menu will appear on the right hand side and prompt you to "Select Instrument". The available instrument options will be displayed and you select your instrument of choice. Most of our products are available for the instruments shown above, with a few exceptions that may be limited to fewer instrument choices.

PLEASE NOTE: some of the products include chords or chord progressions, while others do not. If chords ARE included, they will be noted in the product description. If the product description does NOT indicate chords are included, the product will not include chords.